Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Secret to Trump’s Success: White Supremacy Cannot Exist without an Enemy


By Xavier James


An enemy allows white supremacists the cohesion it needs to get uneducated, poor and working class whites to attack people who aren’t like them; Mexicans, Arabs, Blacks and even Asians. Notice how nothing is ever their fault; someone else is always f*cking “them” over. Without creating domestic and international threats, poor and working class whites would figure out the big lie and rise up against government.


But instead, white supremacists like Donald Trump are able to prey on their lack of intelligence and push them to rally behind the flag- by creating multiple enemies. The war on terror was connected to Muslims in order to create an open ended war on Islam. Notice these techniques are employed against small and often third world countries with rag-tag defenses; never countries capable of defending themselves. You always hear about America’s special forces being so great and brave. But what you don’t realize is that they’re brave going into third world countries where the people barely have food, let alone enough defenses to defend themselves.


The uproar against Mexicans allows white supremacists to blame someone other then themselves for a shrinking economy. Notice how quickly poor and working class whites rallied behind building Trump’s wall. It’s true we need much better border security, but a wall won’t bring white folks their jobs back. Nor will it stop rich whites from shipping jobs away- then blaming the Mexicans.


 Creating an enemy allows white supremacists to place the blame for their f*ck-ups on non-whites and avoid any personal responsibility. The things white supremacist officials and corporations get away with here in America that have resulted in poverty and death, in many other countries they would literally be lined up and shot!

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