Friday, May 6, 2016

But did She Engage in Bestiality with the Gorillas?

…I’d say YES!!

By Xavier James

Image result for real life gorillas in the mistImage result for real life gorillas in the mist

“She stole their money and spit on them.”-witness describes Wildlife expert Dian Fossy’s treatment of the African people.

Givin many Europeans leanings towards bestiality, I’d say the lonely racist would indeed commit peverse acts with the gorillas. That’s why caucasians world- wide created laws against sexual relations with animals-because it was so rampant. That’s where most of todays diseases came from.

Africans feared retaliation from powerful white governments if they jailed or killed random whites who came to Africa and committed crimes. And it’s still the same way to this day.

Fossey was reported to have captured and held Rwandans whom she suspected of poaching, then stripped and beat them with stinging nettles, until one day the white supremacist narcissist turned up dead.

After her murder, Fossey's National Geographic editor, Mary Smith, said that the famed gorilla expert on visits to the United States would "load up on firecrackers, cheap toys and magic tricks as part of her method to mystify the (Africans) -- hold them at bay."

Writing in The Wall Street Journal in 2002, Tunku Varadarajan described Fossey at the end of her life as colourful, controversial, and "a racist alcoholic who regarded her gorillas as better than the
African people who lived around them.”

They found this torturous racist with her face split wide the f*ck open; done in by the Africans she’d tortured. Thousands of dollars and her valuables were left untouched. The movie about Fossy was flattering but glossed over reality.

*Google bestiality today and yesterday.

*Research how many long nights she spent in the jungle lying around and imitating the gorillas. Do you really think she could stop a h*rny gorilla intent on attacking her? I’m just sayin'.

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by Xavier James


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