Friday, April 22, 2016

Rolling Stone Magazine Placed Prince at No. 27 on the All Time Greatest Artist List; Why?

By Xavier James


Rolling Stone Magazine's Number 3, Elvis plucked a guitar and copied (some say stole) black music at a time when black artists weren’t even being played on mainstream radio. Bob Dylan, who couldn’t carry a tune if I gave him a back pack, is even placed far ahead of the purple one on their list. Then there’s Buddy Holly and a group called Velvet Underground; I know…Who?  And ultimately, why?


Well, notice all the top spots were reserved for mediocre white males. Rolling Stone Magazine made it about race instead of talent or artistry. They were trying to manipulate minds as well as history. Rolling Stone Magazine listing Prince at number 27, was meant to be an insult (to hurt his feelings) because he was thumbing his nose at the industry. Because he wanted to be free; free to create and control his own intellectual property.


If that isn’t a true artist, what is? They, white supremacists wanted to leave Prince broke, like they did the great, multi-talented Sly Stone. But Prince fought them and ultimately won. Don’t let white supremacists f*ck with your head. The Ramones… number 26…really? GTFOH!


If you have any doubt that it wasn’t racism and retribution then ask yourself; could The Beach Boys touch Prince with a 10 foot pole? Outside of James Brown and Jimi Hendrix, could anyone else on their top ten list do what Prince did-and do it for forty years straight? Absolutely not!

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