Friday, March 11, 2016

The Counterfeit Game

The Counterfeit Game

By Xavier James

 Lately you’ve been seeing a lot of counterfeit money floating around.  When people make counterfeit money, most of the time, you're not hearing about how they're doing it.  White supremacists have been playing the counterfeit game for years.  In fact, some of the biggest companies and banks have been literally making their own money. I’m sure you’ve heard of people getting arrested and claiming they got the bogus bills from their bank’s ATM? They weren’t lying. But the bank denied it or swore they didn’t know how it got there.

Here’s How Its Going Down! First of all, why?

 Why, because it’s a misdemeanor; no matter how much you print.  Here's the skinny:

 Money isn’t real. That’s right, I repeat: Money ain’t real. And I’m not being philosophical. I mean literally.  I know you've heard that before, or maybe you haven’t. It's true. It’s a note; a piece of paper with no value. And black folks have been printing money out now- like white folks use to do. And if they get caught, they’ll just do a little time, get out and print more money; as long as the police didn't take their machine or paper. Here's the secret: money isn't real because it says legal tender- note on it. So, counterfeiters are just pleading guilty to duplication of legal document or forging a legal document-a misdemeanor. That’s the trick. Telling the lawyer that they wanted to plead guilty to merely duplicating a legal document!

Now, Google the guy who was on 60 minutes 2 years ago bragging about printing millions of dollars and selling most of it to the mob. Then he bragged about the government paying him to tell his secrets. He used to order his paper from the same German manufacturer as the US. He lives in Canada today.

Libya’s President was killed because his money was going to be backed by Africa’s resources.
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