Friday, July 17, 2015

Urgent Message:

Image result for racists on computersImage result for racists on computers
By Xavier James

Urgent Message: There are groups of white supremacists trolling black sites in an attempt to block sales and stop the needed information from going forward. They are posting negative comments and slanderous remarks. The Europeans who own these sites are not doing anything to stop this trolling and I'd dare say are complicit in their actions. To off-set this, (at least a little) start posting the below message in the description area of your books, videos and other items for sale: 

Warning: There are internet trolls, imposters and racists stalking black authors in an attempt to stop black folks from receiving vital information. It is also done to block their book or video sales. Be advised: The slanderous reviews or comments you may be reading are the result of these trolls and white supremacist groups, and not real buyers. Seek knowledge for yourself. Do not rely on racists to tell you what you should and should not be purchasing.

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