Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sandra Bland Died in Custody Fighting White Supremacists

I Figured Out How the Black Woman in Texas

Died in Police Custody-tell her Family


By Xavier James

White supremacists are not smarter then you. They’re just irrevocably evil. And honestly, I only watched the video a couple of times. Here’s my conclusion:


The white supremacist cop who beat down Sandra Bland caused her death. On the video you can hear her tell the cop, ‘you’re a big man for slamming my head to the ground- when I got EPILEPSY.’ When they put her into that jail cell, the head trauma and physical attack she received from the cop, over time, triggered an EPILEPTIC fit; especially if it was untreated and she didn’t have her medicine. Extreme stress also pushes the body to an extreme level. The very last time the guards checked on her, it’s more likely then not, she had that blank look on her face people often have before the onset of a fit or seizure.


That’s why you can hear the guard ask her if she was alright. She probably died from a fit or seizure because no one checked on her the entire time she was seizing. Upon finding her dead, the police knew they had another Freddy Gray situation on their hands. So they took the plastic bag (from a trash can that they found in the hallway and wasn’t supposed to be in her cell) and made up this ridiculous lie between them. They hope this suicide lie would exonerate them of all culpability.


Sandra Bland had a big, confident smile that she shared with the world. Honestly, she died standing up to white supremacy. White supremacists are attacking black women like they did during slavery and segregation. Will you not fight to live?


The Missing: What happened to all the people no one ever finds? by Xavier James

The Missing: What happened to all the people no one ever finds?
by Xavier James


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