Friday, June 19, 2015

Stop Letting White Supremacists Into Your Black Organizations; Period!

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By Xavier James

If ever there was a black preacher who got a bunch of black folks killed it was Rev. Clementa Pinckney. As a rule of thumb, if you're at church, school or the grocery store and a white man who has his hair cut like one of the three stooges, strolls in-get your gun ready. I didn't say run. I said put your gun in your hand. If you don't have a gun, get one, or go stand behind someone who does. The first thing Reverend Pinckney should have said was:


But black folks have been programmed to believe white supremacists have the right to be in on everything they do. Years ago, white males use to oversee all black church gatherings to make sure the slaves weren't talking about their freedom. And it should have felt like that on that fateful Wednesday night when terrorist Dylann Storm Roof walked in.

Some Negroes are afraid they might offend a white supremacist by telling them 'you're not welcome here.' I say "F**K'EM!" Don't let your old, COON pastor, auntie, daddy, etc., get you or your loved ones jammed up! All that bootlicking and buck-dancing does is get you hurt or killed. It's past time to circle the wagons; for real.

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Come on now, if you saw this MOFO come into
your church, do you really think he came to praise
your JESUS? The coward surrendered to police
without any resistance.

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The State Senator was killed because he was
trying to force racist cops to wear body cameras.
It was also a political killing that would earn the killer
status among Aryan brotherhood members in prison.   
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