Monday, February 9, 2015

Was American Sniper Chris Kyle Executed for Committing War Crimes?

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By Xavier James

The crazy veteran who shot the American hero who boasted that he liked killing people, murdered Chris Kyle because he knew Kyle was a war criminal like him. They called it PTSD because they can't call it Suffering From Guilt Syndrome- for Committing War Crimes.


Of course white supremacists' find it heroic to go to another country, climb up on the roof and gun people down. Hell, they invented that sh*t. Google or research sniper killings and you’ll see white folks at schools in bell towers gunning down students. You'll see Martin Luther King, Jr. and Medgar Evers was gunned down by snipers. They even shot President Kennedy in the back of his head.


Four tours of duty and Chris Kyle was never decorated or given a single medal. His superiors knew that you can't give a guy a medal for lying in the bushes and shooting men, women and children in the back -because you thought they looked threatening.


White Supremacists' threshold for the term hero is so low that when the Iraq war first started a wounded female soldier named Jessica lynch was called a national hero. When in fact, she was a coward who never fired her gun and was saved by a bunch of Iraqi people. And I know you haven’t forgotten former pro football player Pat Tillman, who quit the NFL so that he could go to Afghanistan and kill sand n*gg*rs? Oh well, he was gunned down by his fellow soldiers too, dam. The government first told us he was killed in battle against the Taliban. But that story changed to friendly fire after that lie was exposed.


When Chris Kyle reached out to help fellow veteran Eddie Ray Routh, he could've taken his fellow veteran soldier swimming, biking or to Disneyland, but he chose to take him somewhere that represented death. How therapeutic is a shooting range to a group of killers? You tell me. But when that soldier had flashbacks of the murders he and Kyle had committed; he snapped. In his guilty psyche, killing Chris Kyle was the only way he knew to stop the killing of innocent women and children.


They say hundreds of soldiers are committing suicide every week. What in the hell are they doing over there that makes them that dam guilt ridden? I think you know.


The Christian Bible says “as thou has done so shall it be done unto you!”


It's ironic that a man who lived his life ambushing people, died in an ambush himself. What do you think the families of the murdered Iraqis did when they heard Chris Kyle had been shot dead?
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 In his book Kyle said he liked
killing (Arabs) people.

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Would you go to a shooting range with
this guy?

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