Wednesday, December 3, 2014

In a Time of Grief Make Your Tears Count

By Xavier James
On July 17, 2014, Mr. Eric Garner, father of six and New York resident, was accosted by a white mob of cops- just like black men in the south after slavery. One of his assailants put his arm around Mr. Garner’s throat, as opposed to the noose that they use to use, and choked the family man to death. Despite his pleading “I can’t breathe” at least 8 times, the mob of police officers continued to restrict his airways obstructing his breathing. Mr. Garner died from asphyxiation at the hands of poor, white trash New York Cops who stood over his body watching as he stopped breathing. No one even attempted to administer CPR to the 300 pound man. It was a modern day lynching. And the only person indicted was the guy who got it all on tape.
The 'no Indictment' was meant to break your spirit. Don't let it! 

In Your Time of Grief Make Your Tears Count

I know you want to fight, scream and cry. Its natural. Your tear ducts are like a release valve for the body. Crying is your body's way of releasing enormous pain. But you must never cry without a plan of action. In order to heal, you must visualize what you will do once your tears stop falling. It is the only way to heal the spirit. May God Bless Black America!
Translate your important posts so that the world will know what a disgusting group of Aparthied minded white supremacists we fight with. Let them hear it in your own words.

Por Xavier James

Sr. Eric Garner, padre de seis hijos y residente de Nueva York, fue abordado por una turba de blancos de cops- igual que los hombres negros en el sur después de la esclavitud. Uno de los asaltantes puso su brazo alrededor de la garganta del señor Garner, en oposición a la soga que utilizan para usar, y la ahogaron el padre de familia a la muerte. Dispite su súplica "No puedo respirar" al menos 8 veces, la multitud de agentes de la policía siguió restringiendo sus vías respiratorias obstruir su respiración.
Sr. Garner murió de aphixiation a manos de los pobres, basura blanca de Nueva York policías que estaban de pie sobre su cuerpo viendo como él dejó de respirar. Nadie siquiera intentó administrar RCP al hombre 300 libras.

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