Friday, November 7, 2014

Why Republicans Win Elections- is Based on the Middle Class Myth

By Xavier James

When a white man works right next to you every, single day but lives out in the suburbs while you reside in the Inner city neighborhoods-they call him middle class. Although he, like you is the sole bread winner for his family, yet he is considered middle class and valuable- and you a working class stiff. What gives? RACISM, White Supremacy. Your white co-worker was extended thousands of dollars in credit and was able to secure loans and credit cards that you were denied. He appears to be living large but in actuality he's drowning in debt. That's why when he loses his job and maxed out his credit card he thinks of murder- suicide. rather then face his family he'd rather kill himself and them. That is not middle class. It's been easy for the Republican party to get white votes when they've been selling their fellow Americans a dream.  

“The second most numerous group in the United States….millions of persons who regard themselves as middle class and are under all the middle class anxieties and pressures, but often earn less money then unionized workers. As a result of these things they are often envious, filled with hatreds and are generally the chief recruits for any radical right, fascist or hate campaign  against any group that is different or which refuses to conform to middle class values….made up of clerks, shopkeepers and a vast number of office workers in business, government, finance, and education, these tend to regard their white collar status as the chief value in life and live in an atmosphere of envy, pettiness, insecurity, and frustration. They form a major portion of the Republican party’s supporters in towns of America, as they did for the Nazis in Germany thirty years ago.”


-Carroll Quigley


They regard their white collar status (jobs) as their chief value in life. For them to lose their job would run them straight to the nearest hate monger to blame Blacks. For them to acknowledge that they are working class and not middle class, would shatter their illusion of superiority and is the equivalent of waking up a man who’s been sleep walking. It is traumatic. For these people to vote for Obama was to acknowledge that they were wrong. That they in fact are not superior and that the White leaders they identified with had used them and sold them out. These Whites who lived the lie of superiority must now look into the face of a Black man to save what’s left of their crummy lives. When they voted for Obama they were admitting that Blacks are not inferior and that they themselves were never superior and that class not race was their true enemy.
            You don't go from A to B in a year if you're middle class.
            And now you can identify these perpetrators!

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