Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I Told You Ebola Was Coming! Are You Ready?

By Xavier James

My articles are tracked across the internet by white supremacists and government officials, so I have to always choose my words carefully. That Said:

Do you guys remember I was the first one to warn you about EBOLA Coming to America? I got banned from FACEBOOK by WHITE SUPREMACISTS because I exposed the fact that it was coming to a ghetto near you! Pull it up and check the date. WELL, EBOLA IS HERE! Do you think white folks and Negroes will email me and apologize for their attacks? Not likely!

At any rate, I'm typing this now to warn you guys to be careful. I don't know when or where they will spread it, but I do know that they will. We can assume Houston, Texas is ground ZERO. I figure they'll spread it among the Mexicans first; racist really want Mexicans out. That part is speculation. I don't know who they'll give EBOLA to first, but watch yourself. YOU ARE ON THE LIST.

But here's a thought: If you get sick and white folks get sick along with you, they'll heal them and all you'll have to do is sneak in there with them. To avoid being arrested you guys will have to read between the lines!

If you are a black leader, so called militant, Muslim, Hebrew, Moor or Panther watch yourself. DO NOT SHAKE HANDS. DO NOT HUG STRANGERS. GIVE FIST BUMPS. TEACH YOUR FAMILY THE SAME. THIS IS SERIOUS; WAR ALWAYS IS.
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