Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Black Women Declared Most Beautiful on Planet; American Black Woman Most Imitated in the World

By Xavier James

They’re bringing out a new Barbie doll with big thighs and ass. Now why are they doing that? Emulating the black woman! Back in the 80’s Chic jeans were created to make white women appear to have ass-but that ain’t work; all the while white folks were working to destroy the image of black women-go figure.

 Don’t go for the Jedi mind trick. Look at all the television anchorwomen on cable; looking, dressing and pumping their lips up to look like you black women. Even the Palestinian hating Joan Rivers and her daughter went from no lips to bubbly lips before she died.

The most imitated woman in the world is the American black woman; she’s everything white women inspire to be. It’s the same way the white man was sneaking out to the slave quarters to rape the black woman then lie about it; is the same way white women imitate black women and lie about it.

You will never hear them admit it because they’re arrogant. Then they go out and throw themselves at every black man they see. When someone’s trying to be like you they don’t just imitate you, they go get the same man you got, try to have colored children like you and then steal your dialect and slang; to talk like you. Now, am I lying?

Don’t let them fuck with your head black woman. When white folks get to the point that they’re pumping up the booty of an iconic white symbol like Barbie-BLACK WOMAN- KNOW THAT YOU ARE HANDS DOWN THE SH*T!
find out!

Even Barbie don't want to be white no more.
One day this will be the new Barbie Doll
that white girls want to play with.

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