Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dirty Cop Killed Missouri Teen Michael Brown because he Knew too Much

By Xavier James

There's nothing worse then a dirty cop, but then again, they don't come any other way. People keep asking why Michael Brown was tussling with the cop at the car. Well, because the young man was working for him-and probably wanted to quit. He was executed in broad daylight because if he talked and told what he knew, a lot of cops would go to jail and lose their pensions.

Now, the police who were in cahoots with the killer cop- are protecting their own asses by protecting him. So now they're tossing tear gas at the protesters and intimidating residents. What they're doing is called marshal law.

 And where is the Federal Government? Since racists run Missouri and are equally corrupt, the judge is going to give the shooter about five years. He'll do two and be out in 23 months. At least the younger generation ain't scared of white folks like their buck-dancing, boot-licking parents before them. They'll have to pull up their pants and kick in like men.

The fuse has been lit. The spark has turned into a fire in the belly's of Black folks across America. Don't forget, Michael Brown could have been your son. Missouri is the catalyst for the nationwide battle against white supremacy. Will you not fight to live?


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