Wednesday, July 16, 2014

White Folks Destroyed Central America's Economy Now they Complain About Brown Immigrants Coming to America

By Xavier James

Immigrants complaining about Immigrants, right! Go figure. America owes all Central American Immigrants big time! They owe these children and their parents. For over 70 years white Supremacists went down into Argentina, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama, and destroyed their economies. Every single South American country that did not serve America's business interests (corporations), they would assassinate the president and pay some crony to run things. Sometimes they would supply rebels with guns and spies to overthrow good leaders who were really trying to help their people.

Many South American countries felt that they were giving far too much of their resources to American corporations for pennies on the dollar. These countries have Coffee, Banana's, dairy, sugar, petroleum, cigars, fruits and all kinds of crops that America wanted and killed to make sure they controlled. In fact, dozens of high ranking government officials had stock in American corporations that made deals with Central American countries. And if it looked like their stocks would fall the American government would secretly destroy the ruling party. If  white Americans felt threatened by new regimes they'd cause chaos, coups and revolutions. If the dictator wanted to change the economic direction their country was going, America would impose sanctions or sabotage negotiations with their neighbors.

No telling where these countries would be economically if not for America altering their course. And you know its true just by looking at America's screwed up economy. People right here in America are migrating by the thousands to find work and better living conditions; except they're traveling from state to state. You see the chaos white supremacists caused over there in Iraq trying to control their resources.

Another effective tactic white supremacists used in South America was high interest loans; legal government loan sharking. The American government loaned countries obscene amounts of money knowing it would take generations to pay back. Sometimes War lords, dictators or militias took the money, misused it  and the infrastructure weakened or collapsed.

And in case you didn't know, after WW2, it was white Americans who hid Adolf Hitler's most notorious henchmen and murderers in Central America so that they could continue their experiments on the South American Natives. It was just a few years ago the American government apologized to the families of a bunch of Guatemalan men they'd experimented on years ago. All I keep hearing about is white folks complaining that these kids may have diseases. Who the hell do you think it was that brought the diseases that killed off 80% of the native populations in North and South America? White Folks!   

Still don't believe Racism-White Supremacy is the cause of all this mess? Take a look at Canada. Canadians aren't running for the border, nor has the C.I.A. paid Canadians to overthrow their government, why? Because white supremacists run Canada, too. NEED MORE EVIDENCE ? Look up Medical Apartheid by Harriet A. Washington, Dirt by Terrence McLaughlin, and Behold the Pale Horse by Milton William Cooper just to name a few. And don't forget to download  my book 'Our Words: The Social Politics of Homosexuality, Religion and Race'  on Amazon.

These Children and their parents are America's
Roosters coming home to roost.

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