Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Changing my profile picture and REVEALING MORE INFORMATION

The Image says a thousand words.

My friends, I will be changing my profile picture Soon. This change represents exactly that...change. I will be taking things to the next level. The information I will now be revealing will not just be historical  but will lean more towards your social/economic growth and assist in our war against the poisons, violence and poverty that has been pushed into our community. More tools will also be provided in our fight for the control of the hearts and minds of our children. Some things you'll like and some things you wont, but the information/knowledge must be spread, so that you can make informed decisions.

 There are those who will try to stop your ascent by spreading lies and propaganda, but like I've always told you-look up the information for yourself. Remember, we are a beautiful and powerful people and we will not be denied. White supremacists and their coons will try to confuse and defuse our efforts, however-universal balance must be brought back to this GODLESS LAND. HOTEP!

Xavier James
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