Saturday, June 7, 2014

Today’s Young, White Male's Decline in Society

By Xavier James

White males feel entitled. So when women turn them down, they often snap. When they get fired, they will kill. When they can't have their way, someone's got to die.

The American dream has turned into a nightmare for young, white males. And they’re resorting to their old ways; Terrorism.


Why are so many young, white males shooting kids, murdering women and bombing innocent people? They're angry. You see, they've been lied to by their parents and grand- parents. They were told that they were better and smarter then everybody else. They were told the American dream belonged to them and them alone.


 They were told they can have any woman they want.  But now more women are running the world and they’re bringing home the bacon while they baby-sit the kids. The white male’s dependable factory job with union pay has been outsourced.


The young, white male was told that black folks were inferior and didn't deserve their respect. But now, the white woman he was promised and felt he deserved, doesn’t want  him, she wants a black man. 


 The young, white male is angry at his parents for fooling him into believing they were middle class elites, all the while they were working class stiffs whose lives revolved around maintaining their union jobs. 


They despise the government for making them think a Republican was different from a Democrat and a Conservative was better then a Liberal; only to find out they're all playing on the same team.


The young white male is angry because he was told that his college degree would guarantee him a place in the corporate boardroom, only to find himself at Walmart with the pressure of his student loans about to crush him.

Timothy Mcvieh knew it. He felt the government had lied to him. Paul Kevin Curtis mailed ricin (poison) to President Obama and another Senator. And what about the young white man who kidnapped four firemen and demanded his lights and water be turned back on. He felt the pressure. They killed him too.


The parents of these young, white males have turned America into a third world country- only with a better infrastructure. And as much as the press keeps trying to hide it, young white males know it and they're mad as hell!




Elliot Rogers and his fellow mass murderers…



White men have always thought they were entitled to all the booty they came across-from slavery to now. Their entitlement to rape women and get away with it, came to a close in the 1980’s. And now, the word ‘no’ coming out of a woman’s mouth, makes them homicidal. Today they call them crazy, but 45 years ago they were eccentric; especially the rich ones.


 Elliot Roger killed his fellow roommates because they were nerds like him with tiny, tiny penises. And he wanted to put them out of their virgin misery. But mostly, it was an easy kill. He was able to use them to add to his body count.


On television, nerds like Elliot Roger get the girl in the end. But in real life, if that nerd doesn’t have any money he’s not getting laid, period. And now that we live under homosexual supremacy the promise of dominance that white fathers made to their sons went down the drain with the changing world.


The more level the playing field the more unwanted young white males are feeling. The promise of women, money and popularity are now gone. Homosexual supremacy pushes independent women into feminists and lesbians, while pushing young, white males out the door. 


The white supremacist dream is passing this generation of white males by- and there’s no place for them to fit in. If Elliot’s father had got his half crazy, sexually disadvantaged son a hooker once in a while, maybe some of the damage he did could’ve been avoided; for a while at least.



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