Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Was Racist Donald Sterling Right About Magic Johnson?

By Xavier James

Donald Sterling went on Anderson Cooper and gave a long interview.  Out of all the things he said he pointed out that Jews help each other make it. He was right. He then went in on Magic Johnson whom he despises; probably because the thought of a big, black buck banging the slave master's girl, made him sick. He said Magic Johnson didn't do nothing to help other blacks make it. He also talked about how most blacks who make it don't help the others. Is he right?

Magic Johnson and Anderson Cooper talked about what a great humanitarian Magic Johnson is and how much his non-profit does to help poor college kids. Well, let's clear something up. First of all, a non profit is a tax sheltered scam white folks came up with decades ago in order to live off other peoples money. That is a fact. Don't get it twisted, some non-profits actually do help people but the directors and owners distribute money they get from donations and in return get large paychecks and their living expenses paid.

Second, a show called CNN Tonight with Bill Weir aired immediately after Anderson Cooper. It revealed information about Magic Johnson that was absolutely unflattering. It accused the basketball legend of using the black community-pretending to help all the while, hurting them. The segment literally lasted about a minute. It was as if someone pulled the plug. But my question is: Did Magic Johnson sell his soul to predatory lending companies that prey on the black community? Well, here are the facts:

*He was partnered with Washington Mutual that went belly up, but not until they'd sucked the money
out of low-income communities selling them dreams.

*He partnered with a travel agency that preyed again on low income families, and they too went belly up after sucking money out of  the black community.

*Magic Johnson was involved with Jackson-Hewett after the feds made them pay low income families back millions of dollars they illegally stole.

*Magic Johnson hustles high interest debit cards and is said to be involved with check cashing-pay day loans all geared towards low income communities.

There are several other suspect business ventures the sports great has added his name too. But now that the Guggenheim Group has made him their front man, I hope he stops hawking those dam credit cards. What do you think?

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