Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Two More Black Actors Lost in the Hollywood Shuffle

By Xavier James

They tell me that in order to make it in Hollywood you have to first sit on the casting couch. The casting couch basically means have sexual relations of all kinds with people in the industry who are well connected and in power. They include directors, agents, producers, etc. When I read that Will Smith’s son was going to wear a dress in a new slave movie I thought “like father, like son.” What are the circumstances where a father would tell his underage son to put on a dress? Is it money? Is it for the art form?

 Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt don’t dress up like women in movies and I bet wouldn’t allow their sons to do so either. But confused, black actors can no longer say they need the money and must do what they have to do. Will smith is passing his perverted mindset onto his son. Smith played a gay con-man in ‘Six Degrees of Separation.’ In one scene he was in bed giving oral sex to some white guy. Then of course he danced around in a tight dress in ‘The Wild, Wild West.’

You never see A-list white actors like Stallone, Arnold, Liam Neeson, or Mark Walberg play those roles. But there’s never a shortage of Negro actors willing to degrade themselves. And this will be the first time an A-list actor wore dresses in his movies then have his real life son wear dresses in his own movie. His son is already more moist then any boy should be. I personally think Will Smith wants to see his son get turned out on the big screen.

Meanwhile, the ultimate oreo, Morgan Freeman, told Katie Couric that Mississippi only had a “mild” form of racism and that “nobody in Mississippi got killed simply because they were black.” Now, I don’t know how many casting couches Morgan Freeman had to lay down on in his career to formulate that lie and illusion, but clearly brain damage has occurred-or maybe even dementia.

 I know he hasn’t played any black roles in decades, but a guy with a nose that big had to be a target every time he walked down the street in Mississippi. The buck-dancing thespian also said that ‘the best way to get rid of racism is not talk about it.’ Really…Negro, really?

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