Thursday, March 6, 2014

Black Men Love to take White Men's Leftovers


By Xavier James

There's yet another socialogical epidemic unfolding in the black community; black men

taking the white man's rejected women. Oh my God, have you seen it? You haven't caught

it have you? Slim, black men are popping up everywhere holding hands, kissing and hugging

these big, fat, burly, homely, white women. Or else your seeing the broad shoulder

white collar brothers with these older, pale, ghostly, pasty white women.

Oh my God, sweet Jesus they're everywhere.

I was coming out of the library the other day and I swear someone must have paid this brother

to be seen in public with the white woman he was with. She had tangled, nappy hair, missing teeth and

was so ugly at first glance you'd think he was dragging a corpse down the dam street. And this dude was smiling

like he'd hit the goddam lottery. What the hell is going on?

I'll tell you what's going on; WHITE SUPREMACY-in full effect. You see, to the Negro mind that's been bombarded

and clouded by the inferiority complex, anything white will do. He feels that a white woman will elevate his status in society

and in the eyes of the white man. However, what this psychologically damaged black man doesn't understand is

that the white man thinks he's a dam fool. Oh yeah, he's laughing at him. These Negroes are taking the white women that

white men don't want in the first place. Now, you know white men aint never thought much of a fat, white woman. Pick up

any book, magazine or watch any movie, big white women are totally rejected or poked fun at. Oh, he'll call her a fat pig in a heartbeat. And if she wasn't wearing make-up he refused to be seen in public with her at all.

LET ME BE CLEAR: I don't care if you have a white woman, green woman or a blue woman; as long as your happy. But clearly

an epidimic like this means there's something else going on; black men grabing onto anything that will make them feel like somebody, because white society has made them feel like a nobody. Take Justice Clerance Thomas for example, have you seen his wife? Why do you think this sexual harassing, token Negro married that Rosie O'Donnell looking woman? To help him identify more with his white counterparts. Years ago he did some white boy somewhere a hudge favor.

It's very, very rare that you see a black man outside of Hollyweird with a hot, white woman. I've seen plenty of white guys

with hot, black women. Anyway, I bet one of you brothers reading this right now is running around town yelling "black power"

yet goes home every night and climbs into bed with some Attilla the Hun looking white chick. Meanwhile, the black community stares at you in shock while the white man you're trying to impress is laughing and thanking you for taking another one off his hands.
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