Saturday, February 22, 2014

No Matter How Rich and Famous You are White Supremacists Will Throw You Away When They're Done

By Xavier James

Michael Jackson sang, danced, and entertained the world the majority of his life. A hand-full of black folks and countless, countless white folks got rich off Michael Jackson. As an entertainer Michael Jackson did everything white supremacists told him to do, and then some. As long as there was money to be made they defended Michael Jackson.

Now, and despite rumors that he was broke, the government/IRS is going after his estate for over $700 Million dollars. Now that he's dead he's no more use to them. Despite how well he served the interests of white supremacists, they want to take back everything they gave him and then some.

Bill Cosby was crowned America's dad by white folks, and he, just like Michael, complied with all of their wishes. But now that he has outlived his usefulness, over a dozen women have come out of the woodwork with allegations of rape and assault. Back in the day, white supremacists protected Bill from such things with payoffs and threats. However today,  it's going to cost him and his family a small fortune to get out of this one. These people were supported by black America long before white America got a hold of them.

Black folks want diversity on television. We look for representation in movies. We want our stories to be told. But why show undying loyalty to someone who only plans to use you then throw you away? Why not just do your job and go home? Or perhaps use your position and platform to break the hold they have on you and do your own thing? The Cosby Show paved the way for other black shows, some good and some not so good. Fact is, a white actor of Bill Cosby's stature would never

have such allegations lodged against him while still alive.

 I don't propose to know what every entertainer in Hollyweird has to do to keep their job, but to do anything for money, only to have that money taken away, isn't smart. So, if you look at people like Sammy Davis, Jr. and Joe Louis who worked their butts off for white supremacists, at the end of their days they were hounded and broke, unable to even have a proper burial. I think about poor Ron Brown who they just killed when they were done with him. And the great Sly Stone wasn't a sell- out but he was a target from the start. Those are just a few examples out of thousands. It happens to boxers, rappers, dancers, athletes, politicians, etc.

We like to blame it all on poor money management and a lack of economic understanding, but there's way more to it then that. What's the end game? What's the bottom line?


Knowing this, make your moves accordingly! Blind Loyalty and Ignorance by Blacks, Give White Supremacists their Economic Edge. When my 85 year old neighbor died last year, she didn't leave anything to her family. Her house, car, furniture and over $100,000 in her savings account

all went to the state of Georgia. Her best friend said that she didn't get along with her family and refused to do anything for them. Fine, that was her decision. She did that out of spite.

But to allow one of the most racist states in America, the state that ran her to the back of the bus, to have everything she worked for, was absolutely stupid! These type of decisions is what allows white supremacy to flourish. They beat you with your own money.  Don't let them beat you!

*Note and Exception to the Rule: Founding Father, White Supremacist and Homosexual, General George Washington freed his slave /lover upon his death and left the slave a lot of money. However, his entire life, the slave was forced to surrender his anus and endure the General's bad breath (Washington had wooden teeth) until the day his master died. Are you willing to make such a trade?

Young, Bootlicking Bill now accused of being predator Bill.

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