Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Two More Shameful Black Parents Deny Their Dead Children

By Xavier James

The mother of a former Florida A&M University football player killed in a barrage of 10 bullets by a police officer while apparently looking for help after a crashing his car said that she forgives the officer and wishes him the best.

"You caused a great loss to my heart," Georgia Ferrell said at a news conference today as she clutched a Winnie the Pooh bear beloved by her son. "You took a piece of my heart that never can be put back, but I do forgive you. I truly forgive you and wish you the best with your life and turning it over to God."

Ferrell's son Jonathan Ferrell, 24, sought help at a woman's home after a car crash early Saturday morning, but the woman called 911 reporting a strange man outside her door. The police came and of course killed him.

The mother of this up and coming young man actually forgave this murderer even before her son was buried. What type of sickness is this? Was she that frightened of white folks that she denied her own son so quickly? Has Christianity ruined her brain so much that she literally said it was alright to kill her son?

Let’s talk about the Navy Yard Killer; Aaron Alexis. Before his body was cold his weak mother said she was glad her son was dead. “Aaron is now in a place where he can no longer do harm to anyone, and for that I am glad.’
Really! She didn’t talk about her son begging for help and getting turned away. She didn’t speak on his hearing voices or hallucinations; nothing at all about a potential government conspiracy. Instead, it was more cowering fear and disrespect for her sick son. I’ve rarely heard the mothers of serial killers wish their sons were dead. I’m sorry for the loss of life that took place that day. And I had a moment of silence for the families, but these weak mothers along with Travon Martin’s parents are an absolute disgrace to their families. If white supremacy has really beaten you down to that point you might as well just kill yourself.

 Cathleen Alexis, center, mother of Washington DC Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis, answers her door at her home located in Brooklyn on Monday, September 17, 2013. ID of Cathleen Alexis was confirmed by neighbors on Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013.  
Mom immediately said she was glad her son was dead.

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