Monday, October 21, 2013

America Won't Change Until Your Grandparents are Dead

By Xavier James

Are you a young black man with an old buck-dancing coon for a granddaddy? Maybe you're not sure. Well, is he always showing his teeth and striking up idle chit-chat with every white person he sees? Is he always telling you to respect white folks and be scared of  black folks? When he's talking to white folks does he ever remind you of the black guy from 'The Green Mile'?
Well yep, he's a Tom alright. He's in the way. He's got to go.

Now hold on. If you're a white guy-maybe the skinny jeans wearing, skateboarding 'I got a lot of black friend's type-and you think you've got a racist grandpa but isn't sure, I've got a couple of questions for you too. Is your grandfather always talking about patriotism, loves the flag and Senator John McCain? Does he want all Mexicans and Mid-Easterners deported? Does he watch Fox News and loves Pat Buchanan? Maybe he still has his Bush-Cheney bumper sticker? Well, he's a racist bigot alright. and he's definitely in the way.

In order for change to come he’s got to go. When these two arch- type relics die out and their old world ways parish with them new blood can take over and implement change. Progress is a slow process when you’ve got the guys who use to run Negroes to the back of the bus, standing next to the guys who used to be happy to sit in back of the bus. One has a superiority complex while the other has an inferiority complex. Neither can exist in a society striving to make everybody equal. They’ve both taught their children and grandchildren-verbally or by action-to be ignorant, afraid, hateful bigots.

You may not like it but it’s true. Chris Matthews of MSNBC said ‘most old white men were racists’ and he was right. Strom Thurmond was over a hundred years old and still in the Senate when he died. A well known racist the majority of his life, one can only imagine the obstruction to justice and progress he must have been. Too bad there isn't a two term limit in Congress. Your grand-pappy may be too old to lynch people these days but he’s not too old to tell somebody else how to do it.


Republicans use to dig Strom Thurman up,
 strap on an oxygen tank and wheel
him into congress to cast his racist votes.

Drug Addict and Racist, Comedian
Rush Limbaugh
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