Friday, September 13, 2013

Travon Martin's Parents Are Not the Parents A Murdered Child Could Be Proud Of

By Xavier James I was watching television the other day and guess who's parents popped up on the screen. Yep, that's right. When a child has weak parents who travel around the country crying, complaining,whinning and boo- hoo-ing, you can't do anything but shake your dam head. Travon's parents will join other NEGROES in picketing, grumbling and singing we shall overcome songs. Meanwhile, the man who stalked and murdered their son is at the strip club making it rain on strippers. Correct me is im wrong, but arn't children supposed to outlive their parents? I thought a son was supposed to bury his father, not vice versa. People of color have never gotten justice in America; never. Especially when the laws were specifically written against them. So why is there so much outrage? Why are so many black folks acting surprised? A george Zimmerman conviction would spell the end of the 'Stand your ground laws' across America. and white folks weren't having that. the ability to kill a black person anytime and anywhere was at stake. At any rate, If my only son was murdered and his killer set free I wouldn't keep popping up on cable news channels whinning like a little B-I-T-C-H. I'd be out seeking justice for my boy. If your children arn't worth dying for then someone please tell me what the hell is? Once again the black community is left with another wound that won't properly heal. I guess black folks don't have nothing they feel is worth dying for anymore other then Jordan Airflight Sneakers and he said, she said bullshit!
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