Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Robin Thicke Continues Tradition of Stealing Black Music

By Xavier James

White and Jewish whites have a long dark history of stealing black music. When I first heard Wannabe black Robin Thicke was suing Marvin Gaye I was LIVID. The audacity of this egotistical over bloated bad haircut wearing no talent having hack stealing Marvin's music then suing his estate goes beyond repair and into the realm of mental illness. Then he recruits two ZIP COONS to carry out his attack and rap on the song. The only reason those house Negroes are on the song in the first place is to legitimize Robin Thickes pale ass to the black community. Negroes like them don’t mind being used. Robin Thicke should not only have his ghetto pass revoked BUT BLACK FOLKS SHOULD ALTOGETHER JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE!
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