Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Truth About White Cannibals Finally Revealed

By Xavier James

Black Folks Still Need to Stay Out of West Virginia....

It is being reported that the remains of a 14 year old girl in Jamestown was dug up and conclusively confirmed that she had been eaten by humans. For years Natives and black folks alike said that the early white settlers (not just Jamestown) killed and ate each other to stay alive. They were cannibals! I'm talking about the kill you and eat you type of cannibals. They were the bust you in your head while you were sleeping type of cannibals. I;m talking about some Hannibal Lecter-Jeffrey Dahmer type sh!t. All of them. But white folks had been denying it forever. Check your history books; it's not in there.

And Here's the Kicker. Are you ready for this?

For years racist white folks wrote lies about Africans killing people, putting them in pots and eating them.
Yet there is no evidence of Africans roasting, cooking or boiling white folks (or black)  and eating them. All the while it was them killing and eating each other. I always wondered with all the trees, fruits and natural vegetation growing around them, why would they(Africans) need to eat people? Hell, today there are Africans starving in Africa who haven't eaten anybody.

Now, my wife's great uncle (a Native American) use to tell them all the time that his grandparents told him stories about groups of white invaders eating each other every winter. He said they didn't know how to live off the land. They cut down the wrong trees and vegetation they could have used. According to reports they started with their horses, then ate dogs, snakes, and rats before chowing down on their children and neighbors.

My wife's uncle also use to tell the family to stay out of West Virginia because the relatives and descendants of Jamestown migrated there. He said they were still living the same way and committing the same abominations. For years now, we've all heard jokes and stories about West Virginians inbreeding and hunting people down in the mountains. But I guess you think that's not true either.  Wow, talk about being vindicated. I wonder if they're going to put that in American history books.

If you haven't learned by now white folks have always been bold enough to tell you what they do. They've been showing you in movies for years. When you watch movies like Deliverance and Wrong Turn, black folks are the only ones who will sit there and think it's just entertainment. When you see genetically deficient, down syndrome looking, crazy eyed  white people in rural areas, remember, they didn't just get that way from drinking bad water.

Reconstructed bust of 14 year old Jamestown victim
whose Parents and Neighbors likely Killed and
Ate her.
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