Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Negro Teachers Going to Prison for Being Negro Teachers

By Xavier James

My wife hates it when I say "I Told You So." But hell... "I Told You So!"  Do you remember when I told you that Negro Teachers were the Worst Threat to Black Children in Decades? I'm once again being vindicated by the recent undoing of a bunch of Negro Teachers up in Georgia. It's being reported that  After a 2½-year investigation, Beverly L. Hall, a former district superintendent who won fame and fortune for her performance, was charged with racketeering, theft and other crimes in the doctoring of students' test answers. She was one of 35 educators to be indicted.

In the fall of 2010 a third-grade teacher at Venetian Hills Elementary School in southwest Atlanta, agreed to become Witness No. 1 in a cheating case that has developed into the most widespread public school cheating scandal in memory. Ms. Parks admitted to Georgia State Investigator Richard Hyde that she was one of seven teachers — nicknamed “the chosen” — who sat in a locked windowless room every afternoon during the week of state testing, raising students’ scores by erasing wrong answers and making them right. She then agreed to wear a hidden electronic wire to school, and for weeks she secretly recorded the conversations of her fellow teachers for Mr. Hyde. They were in it for the MONEY!

Dr. Hall, who retired in 2011, was charged with racketeering, theft, influencing witnesses, conspiracy and making false statements. Prosecutors recommended a $7.5 million bond for her; she could face up to 45 years in prison. During the decade she led the district of 52,000 children, many of them poor and African-American, Atlanta students often outperformed wealthier suburban districts on state tests. She earned more than $500,000 in performance bonuses while superintendent.  Prosecutors essentially said it really was too good to be true. Dr. Hall and the 34 teachers, principals and administrators “conspired to either cheat, conceal cheating or retaliate against whistle-blowers in an effort to bolster C.R.C.T. scores for the benefit of financial rewards associated with high test scores,” the indictment said, referring to the state’s Criterion-Referenced Competency Test.

Ms. Parks told Mr. Hyde that the cheating had been going on at least since 2004 and was overseen by the principal, who wore gloves so as not to leave her fingerprints on the answer sheets. On June 30, 2011, state investigators issued an 800-page report implicating 178 teachers and principals — including 82 who confessed to cheating. Can you imagine how many mis-educated Black children graduated from those schools;now turned lose to be nothing more then a bad joke upon society.

These were the educators who were abusing our children. These were the teachers who kept calling the police and antagonizing our children. These were the teachers who were picketing, striking and demanding more money. These were the educators who helped racists create the school to prison pipeline for our black boys. Instead of  conspiring to change the system for the better they conspired to make it worse. I hope they rot in jail.

Dr. Hall could be over 100 years old when she gets out
of prison. And will likely be cellmates with some of the
women she helped to mis-educate. Karma is a bitch!

Here are a few more of the disgraced NEGROES who will soon be rooming
with their uneducated students in prison.

-- Millicent Few, director of human resources, is accused of participating in the conspiracy and making false statements during the investigation.

-- Tamara Cotman, a regional supervisor who oversaw dozens of Atlanta's schools, is accused of intimidating witnesses, including a principal and other staff, in an effort to hinder an investigation.

-- Sharon Davis-Williams, who also oversaw a region of Atlanta's schools.

-- Michael Pitts, who oversaw a region of Atlanta's schools, also is accused of intimidating witnesses, primarily staff at Parks Middle School, in an effort to hinder or delay an investigation.

-- Christopher Waller, principal at Parks Middle School in Atlanta, where at least four teachers are accused of conspiring to cheat on standardized tests, is also alleged to have pressured teachers to cheat as early as spring 2006.

-- Armstead Salters, principal of Gideons Elementary School, where at least four teachers say he allegedly pressured them into cheating.

Hall and the 34 others named in the indictment have been ordered to surrender to authorities today.

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