Friday, April 26, 2013

Bombing Suspects are Young, White Males; Why are They So Angry?

By Xavier James

Bombing Suspects Are the Usual Suspects: Regular, Young, White Males. The media kept trying to Link them to AL QAEDA, but that didn't work. 

A few hours after the Boston terror attack CNN's John King boldly stated that his sources said the bomber was a man with "dark skin." Say what? He sounded like Susan Smith. She drove her two kids off a bridge and blamed it on someone with dark skin too. Anybody who grew up during the 1960's already knows the threat of young white male terrorists. Thousands of lynchings, bombings, rapes and murders were instigated and committed by young, white males. Bombing suspects Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his deceased brother Tamerlan, was described by their uncle as losers who became angry because the American dream turned into an unobtainable nightmare- before slipping away.

Why are so many young white males shooting kids, murdering women and bombing innocent people? They're angry. You see, they've been lied to by their parents and grand parents. They were told that they were better and smarter then everybody else. They were told the American dream belonged to them and them alone. But now more women are running the world and their wives are bringing home the bacon while they babysit the kids. Their factory jobs have been outsourced.

The young, white male was told that black folks were inferior and didn't deserve their respect. And that was a lie. So now they sing, rap, sag their pants and love to call each other 'nigga.' They're mad at their parents for fooling them into believing they were middle class elites, all the while they were working class stiffs whose lives revolved around maintaining their union jobs.  They despise the government for making them think a Republican was different from a Democrat and a Conservative was better then a Liberal; only to find out they're all playing on the same team.The young white male is angry because he was told that his college degree would guarantee him a place in the corporate boardroom, only to find himself at Walmart with the pressure of his student loans about to crush him.

Timothy Mcvieh knew it. He felt that the government had lied to him. Paul Kevin Curtis mailed ricin (poison) to President Obama and another Senator. And what about the young white man who kidnapped four firemen and demanded his lights and water be turned back on. He felt the pressure. They killed him too. The parents of these young, white males have turned America into a third world country- only with a better infrastructure. And as much as the press keeps trying to hide it, young white males know it and they're mad as hell!

Paul Kevin Curtis Mailed Toxic Letters and
probably licked the letters before sending.

Boston Bombers on public Assistance. Real
Caucasians born near the Caucus Mountains.

Timothy McVeigh  cold as ice
and an equal opportunity hater.

Who's next?

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