Tuesday, December 11, 2012


By Xavier James

My sister didn’t just lose her job, they deleted her position. And after her unemployment benefits ran out, she still hadn’t found a job. I went to visit her one day and noticed her refrigerator was kind of bare. I suggested she go and get some food stamps until things got better. Well, she was disgusted with me for suggesting she get any form of public assistance.

“I’m not like that,” She frowned.

“Like What?” I asked.

Fact is more black folks are in need public assistance then any group in America but most are too proud or embarrassed to go get it. White folks are just the opposite. White folks from boardroom bankers getting bail-outs to the young white girls in every trailer park in America, get government handouts. Black folks hustle. And whatever our hustle is it keeps us away from government assistance. Some us simply just do without. And far too many end up in jail because some hustles have dire consequences. Black folks have been shamed into keeping their mouths shut.

Renowned racist Newt Gingrich during his last failed presidential bid CALLED PRESIDENT OBAMA 'the food stamp president' and said he should make black people get off food stamps. Obama responded by saying “I don’t know what newt Gingrich was talking about because only 1 out of 5 Americans on food stamps are Black.” In other words MOST OF THE PEOPLE ON FOOD STAMPS IS WHITE FOLKS. And guess what? That was even before Obama took office. So, who’s fooling who?

White politicians created social services like public housing, health care, and anti-poverty programs for white voters instead of creating jobs. Politicians gave corporations handouts as well; tax beaks and free government contracts. Who do you think invented bankruptcy court? That gave white folks the ability to accumulate tremendous debt, file bankruptcy, and not pay for a dam thing. Today, over 75% of Americans on medicare are WHITE FOLKS...DAM SAY WHAT?

Black folks have paid taxes since white folks took over America yet didn't receive any civil rights, equal health care, criminal or civil justice or educational opportunities period. Translation; WHITE FOLKS WERE SHAMELESSLY LIVING OFF BLACK FOLKS TAX DOLLARS and pretending like it was all good!

And no, I'm not pulling any punches. White folks have been draining the system for years, meanwhile telling the world it's black folks. White folks need to get off food stamps and welfare and go back to work, seriously. White supremacy have white folks thinking that they’re entitled to bailouts and welfare. These same white folks will read this essay and say "Xavier James is racist." How is stating facts racist? It's racism that’s taken America to this fiscal cliff to start with. If this country goes over the so called fiscal cliff, guess whose going to suffer the most? That’s right, white folks. The same white folks who pushed black folks over the fiscal cliff decades ago.

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