Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Still Think Your Vote Doesn't Count?

By Xavier James

I spoke to a lot of people who were telling other people that their vote wouldn't count. Some of these people were even going around telling other people not to vote at all; stay home. And guess what; most of the people who were telling other people not to vote-were black people! Well... they were wrong. The minority vote won this election. And the hundreds of millions of dollars team Romney spent trying to buy the Presidency did not work.

America is changing. And in order to build a better future for ourselves and our children we have to get involved on some level. Taking yourself out of the equation does a disservice to everyone. People always talk about blacks not being unified, yet won't stand up for a damn thing! Spreading old 1960's propaganda about not voting is an illiterate redundancy. Back in those days, it was a lot easier to steal an election then it is now. The new demographic make up in America reveals the fallacy of a continued white supremacy and people of color being willing slaves. All votes are now being courted, counted and cataloged. Even the women vote was instrumental in President Obama's victory.

Still think your vote doesn't count? Recreational Marijuana was voted on and passed in two states! Bet you never thought you'd see that in your lifetime. Yeah things are a changin'. The Tea Party leaders have all gone underground. Republicans are going to be nicer to Latinos now. And white folks in general are going to run towards Mexicans for something other then yard work. We've still got a long ways to go but sitting on the couch with your thumb up your ass talking about you ain't go vote-well that's just plain stupid!

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