Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rev. Jessie Jackson Likes Gay Marriage and Since He's a Christian Minister Probably Likes Gay Sex Too!

By Xavier James

“Messy Jessie” says he can’t wait to officiate over his fist gay marriage. He equated same sex marriage with the civil rights movement. No wonder his son Jessie Jackson, Jr. is depressed; realizing his famous father not only allegedly set up his best friend to be killed (Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr.) but may also be a closet homosexual.

I remember when Jessie Jackson was counseling then President Bill Clinton over his oral sex-capades with trifling, sperm saving Monica Lewinsky all the while he was having sex, and impregnating his secretary who looked like “Precious.”

When will Negroes come up out of these churches and realize they mean them no good? After Martin Luther King,Jr. died and and Rev. James Cleveland and the homosexual movement took over the church, it's never been the same. If Jessie Jackson, Eddie Long, Jim Jones, James Cleveland, and Creflow Dollar had lived in the so called Middle East they would have been stoned to death long before they could poison, rape, pillage and betray their congregations.

A Washington Post-ABC poll of African American support of same sex marriage found that support had dramatically surged — a swing of 18 points in just two weeks — following Obama’s statement of support.

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