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By Xavier James

Since the Holy Bible is the most valuable political tool ever created I think it’s only fair to show you specifically who the ‘Holy Bible’ was expressly not written for; Blacks. Yeah, a lot of you will take issue with that fact but it’s true. Prove Me Wrong!

From Genesis to Revelations the ‘Holy Bibles’ hatred of black folks is strong and in your face; blatant. But black Christians for centuries have chosen to ignore that fact. It became easy for Whites to commit racist atrocities when they had religious doctrine backing them up 100% of the way. Still, blacks around the world pour into churches whole heartedly committed to a cause they know nothing about. Most black folks go to church because their mother was there before them, and her mother before her. I guess for some that’s reason enough; no further research required.

When King James gathered his cronies to ink the New Testament he made sure the Jews were responsible for the death of God’s son, Jesus; brilliant. And the world has believed that nonsense ever since. He then told us that the bible was for both Jew and Gentile; it was not. It was originally sewn together using African theology by Jewish scholars to promote nationalism among their fragmented and enslaved peoples. It was something they could all rally behind because they had no great origins, lineage, cities, statues, pyramids, monuments, wars, leaders, kings, queens, pharaohs, or thinkers in which to claim. So the Jews proclaimed they were God’s chosen people with a destiny to rule Canaan; and invented warriors and prophets like Joshua and David and Daniel.

But King James wanted to put his own name on this ready made religious philosophy instead of creating his own. So, he made them heroes and villains at the same time. They became God’s chosen people as well as the murderers of his son. Can you blame Jewish people for not accepting the bible and promoting the Torah? In fact, these days Israel seems to have turned more towards atheism. King James (James Stewart) and his token wife by the way(I say token because James was a flamming homosexual), were black slave owners. They believed in the conquest and subjugation of peoples of color throughout the world. So why do people of color still cling to his book? They all say it’s the message, not the messenger, so let’s examine exactly what this message is:  

In Genesis, which stands for genes of Isis, Noah curses his young son Ham for laughing at him after staggering out of the Ark butt ass naked and drunk. I think that was really extreme since Noah was the one that had been knowingly drinking fermented wine. He not only curses Ham but his children, and children’s children forever. Wow! Cain didn’t get  that harsh a treatment from God after murdering his own brother. But who were the descendants of Ham that Noah cursed? They were Cush (Ethiopia), Mizraim, Sheba, Nimrod, Nineveh, Philistines, Amorites, Sodom, Gomorrah, etc...All people and places that were black. That tells us the Jews arch enemies and the giant David supposedly slew were Philistines; black folks. The immoral people whom Jonah was supposed to preach to before being swallowed up by a whale, were black. The wicked inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah were black. The Ambitious people building the tower of Babel were black. All the Pharaohs whom the Jews despise and wanted God to destroy, were black. In other words according to the men who wrote the bible all the notorious villains and people out of favor with God were black folks.

Note the writer’s jealousy in Isaiah 18:1 “Destruction is certain for the land of Ethiopia, which lies at the headwaters of the Nile. Its winged sailboats glide along the river, and ambassadors are sent in fast boats down the Nile. Go home, swift messengers! Take a message to your land divided by rivers, to your tall, smooth-skinned people, who are feared far and wide for their conquests and destruction…the lord will cut you off as though with pruning shears…the wild animals will gnaw at bones all winter. (New Living Translation, Tyndale House Publisher, Inc.) He even calls the people tall and smooth skinned, revealing his preoccupation with their outer appearance; jealousy.  Isaiah was said to be written around 700 B.C., guess who was the Pharaoh; Shabaka and the 25th dynasty.  Throughout the book of Isaiah, the writer rails against Philistines, Babylon, Memphis, Egypt and anywhere else controlled or heavily populated by blacks.

It is impossible to read Ezekiel without getting the feeling that the writer was consumed with jealousy and hatred against black folks. At one point Ezekiel claims God said ‘He’d put hooks into Pharaoh’s mouth and drag him like a fish.’ Now that’s just plain sick! In fact, the entire book of Ezekiel is absolutely disturbing. And Jeremiah isn’t much different. These Jewish writers all seem to be consumed by their hatred of the black nations but telling us it is God who hates these people instead of them. Throughout the bible the underlying theme is Black is bad.  In Songs 1:5 we find a woman apologizing for being black. In Numbers 12:1 Miriam and Aaron criticized Moses for marrying a Cushite woman (a black woman). So God cursed Miriam of course and did nothing to Aaron. But notice, God didn’t address their racism but was only angry because they had the audacity to question his servant, Moses. After all Ezra 9:2 says God doesn’t want the holy race to be “polluted” by mixed marriages. There is and never was a holy race. It was a lie put forth by the Jews. Even the Ethiopian Simon pops up out of nowhere to perform manual, slave labor by supposedly carrying the cross for Jesus. Even Solomon had to apologize for being black; unbelievable. And throughout the bible the racism goes on and on and on. Read it for yourself, but this time recognize its true political intent.

I asked several ministers why Leviticus 20:13 says that the penalty for homosexuality was death and if they thought God was being too hard. I also asked them why God disqualified people with physical defects from coming before him. Their only answer was that you can’t question God and that everything in the Old Testament was nailed to the cross when Jesus died. But if that’s the case why do they still quote the Old Testament as well as the Ten Commandments? Yet God says I am the same today, yesterday and always. Did God back peddle? Or were these men simply unable to keep their lies straight?

I already posed the question of why any woman would read and accept the bible when it’s full of nothing but hatred and sexism towards them. In fact, a woman would be a fool to step into a church and read from a book that says she’s inferior and only capable of producing children; specifically male children. According to the bible a woman was the cause of mans downfall because she ate from the tree of life. But isn’t a woman within herself a tree of life? We’re talking about a being capable of walking around with a life growing inside of her body. Then the Creator gave her what we call milk that includes nutrients within that same body to sustain a healthy baby. If that isn’t a tree of life I don’t know what is. A woman started civilization when the first man came from her birth canal. Whether you believe in creation or evolution a woman started life on this planet.

But the same jealous, egotistical men who told us God was a ‘He,’ decided that as they re-wrote His-Story, Her-Story would be one of servitude and ineptness. The handful of women mentioned in the bible are there to serve and cater to men; all of them. From Eve to Ester to Mary, you can’t show me one woman in the bible who wasn’t there to serve the pleasure and ego of a man. As the centuries went by men used the bibles depiction and description of women to psychologically subdue and keep them oppressed. Whenever a woman would start thinking for herself a man would use scripture to remind her of her place in the home and in society. And if she still wouldn’t shut up, they would burn her at the stake or call her a communist and now-a-days a whore.

Why are Black Folks Still closing Their Eyes to the Truth?

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