Monday, June 6, 2011

The Top 5 Shows That Shame(d) The Black Community

By Xavier James


These 5 shows contributed to the dumbing down, the blatant ignorance and outright spectacle that has become black America.

5.)Flavor of Love  

If the term "sell out" means you'll do absolutely anything for money/you sold your soul to the devil/ lost all your moral fiber/ made your family look bad/ made your race look worse/pimp and exploit black women because white men told you too/ then yes Flavor Flav has all the basis covered. After the first season of 'Flavor of Love' and Flavor Flav still hadn't been banished to Coonsville, the general consensus throughout white Hollywood was that black folks don't get embarrassed; wrong. Buffoons don't get embarrassed; black folks actually do. And believe me there's a difference. This VH-1 reality show was about a washed up hype man from a popular rap group trying to find a wife out of a host of half naked, scandalous, manipulating and manipulated women from around the country. The producers, with Flaver Flavs help of course, pit the women against each other while he pretended to search for the perfect one to marry. The show provided lots of fodder for water cooler conversations and made Flavor Flav the most popular of all the California raisins.

4.)Meet the Browns/House of Payne

Until I saw 'Meet the Browns' I didn't think it was possible to get that much 'buck dancing' into one half-hour show. But Tyler Perry did it! He was able (with the help of over 2 million Negroes strong) to bring back stereotypes and set black television back 60 years. Do you want to know why there are no black dramas, mystery's, game shows, documentaries or detective series on TV and maybe only one or two on cable? Because of Tyler Perry and people like him; indirectly of course. Why do you think good shows get cancelled? "Under Covers" starred Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw as CIA spies. But thanks to decades of Amos and Andy style comedy no one wanted to believe two black actors could be spies. If they weren't falling down, farting or calling on Jesus no one wanted to see them. It seems like these days, black folks are only on television to make white folks laugh at them, not with them; there's a difference. The low- brow humor in these black comedies help pave the way for the cancellation and phasing out of anything other then buffoonery. Trust and believe me when I say that the world actually does view you the same way as they see you on television. Now, give yourselves a round of applause!

3.)The Jerry Springer Show

Throughout the 90's 'The Jerry Springer Show' became a household name and a feeding frenzy for homosexuals and gay activists across the country. More Black males "came out of the closet" on The 'Jerry Springer Show' then any other forum in the world. And Jerry Springer was more than happy to laugh, jeer and joke every guest who set foot on his stage- searching for their15 minutes of fame. Most of his black guests were either on the down low, cheating, prostituting or hiding some cross dressing secret. It's a fact, no news was good news if you were on the 'Jerry Springer Show'. Despite that fact there was never a shortage of  black folks waiting back stage to give or receive shocking news. For his part Springer was clever at creating a circus atmosphere that culminated in a gladiator environment that literally put guests at each other's throats. But don't worry, at the end of the show Jerry would sit down and give a brief commentary on why his guests had to be exploited. And guess what? It was for their own good.

2.)The Maury Show 

When he's not playing guessing games like "is it a man or woman?" in which he giggles as transvestites kiss all over him while the audience guesses if they're male or female, Mo-rri (as they call him in the hood) is busy exploiting black folks; most of whom are too ignorant to even know they're being exploited. While Jerry Springer's raunchy, skanky exploitation seems evenly distributed between both races; Maury's sophisticated brand of exploitation is overwhelmingly black. His show takes usury to a whole new level. 'The Maury Show' directly targets a black demographic and brings them on the show to makes them appear loose, stupid and 'ghetto'. Of course he does this under the pretense of helping them find their 'baby's daddy.' Unlike Springer who will tell jokes at his guest's expense, Maury will pretend to be concerned even offering  counseling after the show. And the younger the guest the more he and his producers are able to manipulate and play off of their immaturity. Maury becomes tickled pink every time a black man comes on stage calling the potential mother of his child "hoes, sluts, and bitches." The high point of his show is when the distraught mother of a child runs from the stage after she finds out the man she thinks fathered her child is actually not the father. For a guy who couldn't make it as a serious journalist Maury Povich was sure able to make black folks take him seriously.

1.) B.E.T.-(Black Entertainment Television)  

Literally ruined about  two-three generations of black children. At the time B.E.T. was the only place black folks could turn to and see images of themselves. It was also the one place artists could get their videos and faces seen on television. And knowing this Bob Johnson and company allowed the raunchiest, degrading, ignorant, ghetto images of black life to be showcased like never before in the history of America. From sagging pants and gold chains, to the booty-butt cheeks on young teenage girls; nothing was off limits. And anyone who complained was either hatin' or lacked vision and if you worked for him; fired. Pay-offs, kickbacks, hosts barely getting paid, homosexual harassment, sexual harassment; it was blacks exploiting blacks at its finest. Eventually all the news and education forums were removed until nothing remained but 100% degradation of black women and money, cars, clothes and hoes for black men. After his grand exploitation of millions of black children, Bob Johnson sold B.E.T. to white folks and left town. However his legacy of teaching consumption, hoochiefied dress and behavior, sagging pants, self devaluation, and a backwards culture still thrives. Thanks B.E.T. and Bob Johnson, thanks.

Honorable Mention:

Most Black Reality TV Shows-Reality shows are serious cash cows for studios. They pay very little to its participants but rake in huge profits. White producers zero in on the biggest idiots and dysfunctional black families in America knowing that they will provide the train wreck people can't take their eyes off. Take the show 'Real and Chance' for example. They are a cross between Laurel and Hardy and Step- n- fetch it. These two brothers should literally be in a cage somewhere with Flaver Flav getting bananas tossed at them three times a day. And it doesn’t get much better with  'Being Bobby Brown', 'For the Love of Ray J', and  'Basketball Wives'. Who cares about a group of jump- offs that a bunch of washed up basketball players use to date? Yet their classless, shameless, Godless exhibition keeps us all hoping whites folks are watching another channel every time they come on. But no, they're not.

The Source Awards-The most flagrant display of ignorance and stupidity you've  ever seen on an awards program. It gave the term ghetto new meaning. The only awards show in history that came with saggin',endless gold teeth, cussin', hollerin' and beat downs. They sure had the vast majority of stereotypes covered that night.   

 Fresh Prince of Bel- Air-  Oh Come on! I understood the 'fish out of water' storyline. But in actuality it was a show about a young black male, who goofs off in school, clowns around all day but succeeds in the end. Meanwhile Carlton, the other young black male, gets good grades, dresses conservatively and wants to go to college; but he is considered the big joke. Carlton doesn't like rap music, isn't street savvy and is considered generally unpleasant. But Will  plays basketball, has a smart mouth, is misogynistic, vain, and he wears his hat backwards; he's cool! Carlton can't dance, is scared of girls and is interested in politics. Will can dance and rap so he gets all the girls. Do you understand the messages that was given to our children? But if  I hurt your feelings, you can go have a seat on the shows producer Quincy Jones' casting couch and tell him all about it.

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