Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Did You Hear The One About The Homosexual, The Christian and The White Supremacist?

By Xavier James

from xavierjamesuncensored.blogspot.com

A black man was walking down the street one day when he passed by a Homosexual, a Christian and a White Supremacist who were arguing. "Hey, we want to ask you something," they yelled. After listening to their rants-

The black man said to the Homosexual "do you have any evidence to support what you're saying?" The homosexual opened his mouth and Clich├ęs came out.

The black man said to the Christian "do you have any evidence to support what you're saying?" The Christian opened his mouth and bible verses came out.

The black man said to the White Supremacist "do you have any evidence to support what you're saying?" The white supremacist opened his mouth and profanity came out.

The black man looked at all three of them and said "you make one hell of an argument!"

The black man was me of course. As I read through and delete my hate mail and comments I realize the Homosexual, the Christian and the White Supremacist are the most disrespectful, uninformed, obtuse and combative groups on earth; if not the entire universe. You can have reasonable, intellectual conversations with the Muslim, the Hebrew, the Atheist, the Satanist, and so on. But you'll quickly find out the Homosexual, the Christian and the White Supremacist don't have any new ideas nor can add anything to the conversation. They operate off of pure emotion and never have any documentation to back up their claims. They constantly display attitude and spew hundred year old catch phrases as a way of dealing with those who don't share their views.

The Homosexual is concerned with his/her sexual liberation; not consequence, statistics, psychology, or historical precedents. Their main focus is how they can organize their lives around their sexual agenda. As far as they're concerned everybody on earth is in the closet afraid to come out; especially yours truly. No further documentation needed.

The Christian is coming at you hard with his bible. He's going to tell you that God said this, and God said that. Yet has never had an actual conversation with God a day in his life. Furthermore,  anybody who doesn't believe in his bible and his Jesus Christ is a sinner who's going straight to hell. No further documentation needed.

The White Supremacist is going to hit you with the flag, talk about the founding fathers (although can only name about three) and other regurgitated information passed down from his father, and his grandfather before him. His primary focus; if you're white you're right. No further documentation needed.

This further validates my wider point of an indoctrination process at work; social programming. None of the three ever researches anything outside of their doctrine; especially scientific analysis.
These are the behaviors of people who have been programmed. Look it up for yourself! Programmings primary focus is to effect a visceral response; a knee jerk reaction to opposition. Now, this is not the case with all Homosexuals, Christians or White Supremacist. You'll find that the ones at the top of the food chain are quite intelligent and engaging, which is why they are able to indoctrinate, control and manipulate all the sheep who receive their marching orders. Taken from xavierjamesuncensored.blogspot.com.

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