Monday, April 4, 2011

Why Would God Tell Homosexuals To Write And Produce His Bible?


It looks like homosexuals have another weapon to use against Christians; the Bible itself! The Bible emphatically renounces homosexuality yet the entire Bible itself was written, produced, translated, marketed, distributed, engineered and constructed by all homosexuals; seriously. Therefore, if the Bible is really God’s word, then God truly has a credibility problem. Of course there’s the alternative; the Bible really isn’t Gods word and we’ve all been seriously misled, lied to, abused, conned and tricked. Well here are the facts:

It all started with the Jews (or the Europeans commonly referred to as Jews) trying to make a name for themselves. They stole information they had acquired in Egypt before they and their kin folks, the Hyksos, were driven out by Pharaoh Amenhotep 2. Remember, there was no exodus or Moses parting of the Red Sea, they were simply told to get the hell out of the country. Why? Because of their treachery, corruption, greed and betrayal of the Africans that had taken them in. The African-Egyptians had fed, clothed and allowed the Jews to settle on the outskirts of Egypt. But when the Hyksos came the Jews turned on the Africans and joined the 'Sheppard Kings' in trying to destroy the Africa-Egyptians. With no history of building or great kings or monuments or accomplishments of their own they had to manufacture a past.

What better legacy to claim then to be God's chosen people? That's when they came up with the "my god is better then your god" approach to history via the Bible and Torah; except at the time the Jews were morally bankrupt. You see, while you had some Jews who were trying to string together holy, "god said, god inspired" writings, the rest were literally playing with little boys and girls; and yes I'm talking about sexually. That's right, which was conveniently removed from your Bible. And I'm talking about 3, 4 and 5 year olds here. I bet you didn't know that? That's why the Biblical prophets like Jeremiah and Isaiah are always talking about how wicked, trifling and scandalous the Jews were back then. In fact, if you read the Talmud or Treatise Sanhedrin, and Jewish Encyclopidia you'll understand the rationalizations the Biblical writers made for racism, pedophilia, homosexuality and beastiality (they absolutely loved having sex with sheep and other animals). And you believe they are God's chosen people? The books and passages left out of the Bible would have revealed far more then the Christians/Jews wanted their followers to know. I'm not even talking about the Gnostic Gospels. The book of Numbers 21:14 talks about missing books. The book of Joshua 10:13 talks about missing books. Where are they at? What important information was in those books "they" didn't want us to see?

Enter the Greeks, who translated as best they could, the Bibles most of you are reading today. If I was to say that the so called 'Ancient Greeks' were the most perverted people on the planet could anyone argue that fact-(okay maybe tied with the Romans). Anything that could be done to a man's anus the Greeks did it! Let's be clear; the idea of a man putting his hand and arm up another man's anus came from this group of Bible translators. This practice called 'fisting' still goes on among 75% of male homosexuals today. So, this was Gods plan...really? He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for far less yet couldn't find no body else to translate his word. You'd think God would come down here from heaven before he let the Greeks touch his holy words.

Enter King James, who should have been called Queen James. He's what they call today a "flaming” homosexual, complete with broken wrist and bitchy attitude. And he loved young boys. Why him? I mean, this guy shouldn't have been anywhere near a Bible. Yet we are to believe God wanted him to produce and distribute his "holy” word; yeah right.

Enter William Shakespeare and Sir Francis Bacon, two lovers who was among a group of rich, upper-class, European homosexuals King James paid to write, re-write, plagiarize, steal, falsify and outright demigod the "little book." The word Bible was taken from the Latin meaning 'little book.' There wasn't anything holy about it at the time.

Baptized Christians are never able to answer my questions and refuse to enter in public debate about this so called holy book. They stand against homosexuality but read, love, and endorse a book put together by all homosexual males; and there weren't any women involved period. They actually hated women. So, if God hated homosexuality as it says throughout the Bible, why did he get homosexuals to write it? I'm personally against homosexuality; it’s simply sex without responsibility or procreative value. But can someone tell me where God stands on the matter?

Or once again we're finding out God didn't have anything at all to do with the Bible; period. Because that would make God a hypocrite who actually condones rape and sodomy wouldn't it? If you looked at the facts everybody who had something to do with the Bible were homicidal, homosexual murderers and rapists. Kind of like the guys who wrote the Declaration of Independence....ooops! We'll talk about them later. In the meantime, we're told Jews are the "holy race" that should not be polluted (Ezra 9:2). The same Jews who said ' having sex with a three year old girl was like a poke in the eye; her womb will close back up.' And the same Jews who said having 'sex with little boys wasn't a homosexual sin because they weren't grown up yet.' Dude, how gay is that? Taken from:
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