Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Black College Students Pledge To Be Greek Homosexuals

By Xavier James

It seems to me a Black person would want to pledge to be African; wouldn’t you think? I’ve always wondered why a person of color would pledge to be Greek and what that really meant. So, I did some digging. I found out that Ancient Greek fraternities were all homosexual organizations with the main focus on sodomizing each other; what….yeah!

I also found out that hazing and degrading initiates was a European tradition; not African.

“It’s about comradeship and a bond between brothers. It’s about mentoring and learning.”

One enthusiastic new recruit argued; yet again another lie. Fact is, to be a mentor in Greek culture meant that you sodomized young boys and in exchange for your victimization they received food, shelter and education. I immediately realized these Negroes in these fraternities knew very little about these Greek freaks they imitated. They had no idea about this ‘thing’ they were so committed to. And the ones who do know use this knowledge to slowly but surely ‘bend’ the new recruits over.

Once again we have slaves emulating their masters, and in the process, committing degrading, and sometimes homosexual acts against each other; all for the sake of a letter.

Why do I have to be Greek to be your brother? Why do I have to pattern and practice Greek homosexual sickness just to gain your respect and loyalty? It’s abundantly clear; self hate and not knowing one’s self can follow you from grade school, to high school and through college. I bet Europeans just laugh their asses off when they see a bunch of ‘colored’ People, who don’t know their own history, running around imitating the worst parts of theirs. Now, every time I see these fraternities and sororities marching, stepping and doing secret hand shakes, I know the real secrets they’re hiding. And it’s a damn shame!

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