Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Royal wedding to be Paid For by Murdered Africans

Europe was like a cold, barren rock where nothing would seem to grow. Starving Europeans set out to “break into other countries houses, get their food and take it back home to eat.” Hence exploration and colonization began. In one particular case, the British were having a hard time killing the famous Zulu warriors, running them off their land, and stealing their natural resources. Nothing seemed to work. They just kept coming and coming. That was until they brought in the Gatling gun and were literally able to mow down thousands of Zulu warriors like a lawnmower through tall grass.

“I prefer land to Niggers.” British national hero and the man they built a statue for, Cecil Rhodes was quoted to have said. And that was after he murdered tens of thousands of African men, women, and children. He then proceeded to steal over a million square miles of African territory; for Queen and country of course. Rhodes put billions of dollars into his own pocket, while billions more went into the British economy and to the royal family. They named the Rhodes scholarship after him and until recently Rhodesia bared his name. British colonialism around the world has endured for hundreds of years.

Europe didn’t have a rich history of its own which is why today British museums overflow with Ancient African artifacts. They include pictures of British archeologists (grave robbers) holding lavish banquets inside the final resting places of great African Kings. The residuals from blood money came from the economic rape of African countries and the taking of agriculture, minerals, diamonds and other precious metals. Even today tribute from around the world in the form of tariffs, taxes, debt, arms dealing, old treaties and protection racquets pour into the royal family’s coffers. Not bad for a family that hasn’t worked in generations.

Today, British Petroleum (BP) pollutes America’s waters while paying tribute and allegiance to the crown. Every time I see Black folks glued to their televisions watching so called royals get married, I wonder how many of them can name one single African king or queen? Sadly, 9 out of 10 cannot. Prince Williams wedding is estimated to cost around 40 million dollars. And who knows how many royals will be decorated with blood diamonds. I could care less about a so called royal wedding. As far as I’m concerned the only thing Europe ever gave the world was the Pope and Syphilis-and I don’t want either of them!
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