Thursday, September 2, 2010

Parents are allowed to kill their children every hurricane season

“Swimmers advised to stay in shallow waters. Rip currents and undertows can drag swimmers and surfers away from boats and beaches.”

Why hasn’t anybody talked about this but me? Why hasn’t this been noticed by anybody other then me? Every hurricane season we hear about the senseless drowning deaths of quite a few children; from coast to coast wherever a hurricane or tropical storm is about to hit land. And all the deaths stem from parents who take their children out into rough, stormy waters to supposedly have fun. What kind of parent takes a child into rough, dangerous, deadly waters, without as much as a life jacket so that they can surf together? Is watching your child drown supposed to be fun?

If a ten year old child is truant from school they charge the parent. If a twelve year old boy takes a car and causes an accident the parents are liable. If a fifth teen year old girl is found to be malnourished the parents are arrested. When a child goes missing who are the primary suspects? That’s right, the parents; except when the child goes missing around water. If a lifeguard warns an adult not to go into dangerous waters and they do it anyway, that’s their right as an adult. But who looks out for the child whose parent takes them straight into riptides?

I’ve seen fishing accidents where the boat turns over and the child isn’t even wearing a life preserver. I believe some of these drowning incidents are planned. Google it for yourself; they’re getting away with murder or at the very least negligent homicide. I have yet to see one parent bought up on charges or even investigated. People that stupid should be in jail. Its obvious laws that protect children from unfit parents stop at the shore line.
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