Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Like Sarah Palin Because....

She brings your enemies to the forefront. They come out of hiding and remove their sheets to attend her speeches and rallies. You get to find out which of your neighbors are supporting her while at the same time understanding why they never speak to you.  I also like Sarah Palin because she personifies the functioning illiteracy of White folks who run this country. Every time she opens her mouth I’m reminded why and how racism still dominates American society.

I laughed when I heard that her daughter Bristol was going to be on Dancing With The Stars. The show loves to promote and exalt the most scandalous, deceitful White folks in America. So now they’ll be another illiterate hillbilly we have to watch White Americans heap unearned and undeserved praise, privilege and celebrity upon. In the words of the still disgruntled Rev. Jeremiah Wright: God Bless America!
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