Thursday, August 26, 2010

New T.V. Show “Bait Car” Should be Called “Race Car”

By Xavier James

I was watching the new series ‘Bait Car’ on truTV and it actually made my stomach hurt. This show about cops cracking down on car theft proved to be nothing short of entrapment! Here’s how it worked: The auto theft squad put a flashy car equipped with multiple, hidden cameras in a highly populated area and waited for car thieves to steal it. Then after the thieves get a few blocks away, a kill switch is hit, the engine shuts off, and the perpetrators are locked inside until the cops arrest them; clever huh?

Except there’s a major problem; they didn’t catch any real car thieves- just a bunch of teenagers and crack heads. Sure the people who went for the set up took the car, but stealing a car wasn’t even on their brains until the police put it there. Here’s what I mean; These fat, lazy, pathetic donut eaters, put a shinny, red, Cadillac Escalade in the most economically depraved part of town, left the keys inside, the engine running, and the doors wide open. They even put a play station 3 on the back seat to sweeten the deal. I don’t think I could’ve walked pass that car without diving in. Was it any surprise everyone they arrested was either Black or Latino. I mean, these people looked straight up hungry. No car ever made it to a chop shop because they weren’t real car thieves. And if you noticed, they didn’t put the ‘bait car’ out in the suburbs because they wanted to keep distorting the image of Blacks and Latinos.

These flatfoots, who will undoubtedly multiply their ‘dubious’ arrest records, couldn’t catch any real car thieves so they had to manufacture their own. Reality T.V. has reached an all time low; again! Locks were made to keep honest men honest. Thieves don’t give a dam about a lock. But leaving a flashy car running with the doors open around a bunch of poor people is “spineless" police work and in my view; entrapment. Is the economy that bad for police officers? Have the cops gotten that hard up for money that they have to stoop this low? It’s yet another case of a police department selling out its community for corporate interests. There should be a disclaimer when this show comes on: FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! Because these cops couldn’t possibly take themselves seriously. Taken From
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